Light Sulphur Nymph

Materials from

Hook: Daiichi 1560

Standard Nymph Hook 25 pack


Size :

Thread: Uni 6/0 200 yards

Our most popular all around thread for those looking for a versatile tying thread for larger trout, salmon/steelhead flies and light saltwater or simply for the person looking for a bit more strength.


Size :

Bead: Brass Fly Tying Bead

Gold color brass bead sized to the hook.


Colour :
Size :

Weight: Lead Wire

Spool of .015 lead wire


Size :

Tail: India Hen Back

Feathers commonly used for tying soft hackle flies, wing cases, wings and collars. 4 colors available.


Colour :

Rib: UTC Ultra Wire

Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire. It is available in a tremendous range of colors and sizes. Use Ultra wire for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies, and dubbing brushes. Brassie size is perfect for Brassies in sizes 18-22. Extremely popular for fly designer John Barr’s Copper John. Available in sizes Small, Brassie and Medium.


Colour :
Size :

Body:Pheasant Tail Center Feathers

These high quality, long barbed tail feathers combine black and an iridescent green that gives many patterns an effective coloration.


Colour :

Shell Back (wing Case): Goose Shoulder

These are great for traditional wet and salmon fly feather wings.


Colour :

Thorax: Wapsi Life Cycle Dubbing 

Ginger Color Fur Dubbing

Not available at this time