Dark Sulphur Nymph

Materials from TightLinesFlyFishing.com

Hook: Daiichi 1560

Standard Nymph Hook Qty 25

Thread: Uni 6/0 200 yards

Our most popular all around thread for those looking for a versatile tying thread for larger trout, salmon/steelhead flies and light saltwater or simply for the person looking for a bit more strength.

Bead: Standard Brass Fly Tying Bead


Weight: .015 Lead Wire


Tail: Dark Mottled Hen Back

India Hen Back Feathers commonly used for tying soft hackle flies, wing cases, wings and collars.

Body: Cinnamon Turkey Tail

Great quality, all natural turkey tail feathers.

Shell Back(wing case): Goose Dyed Black

Goose Shoulder Feather


Thorax: Arizona Synthetic Pheasant Tail Dubbing