Green Caddis Larvae

Materials from

Hook: Daiichi 1120 Heavy Wide Gap Scud Hook

25 Hooks

Thread: Danville 6/0 

It’s the size of 6/0 with the strength of 2/0. Especially good for the novice tyer. Dubbing is easier because it eliminates the step of waxing the thread before spinning on the hair, etc. 100 yards.

Bead: Black Brass Fly Tying Bead

Standard fly tying beads in several colors from the normal black to more subtle colors such as brass and brown-olive.  Colors available: Gold, Brass, Copper, Brown-olive, Nickel and Black. 7 sizes available. 24 per pack..

Weight: .015 Lead Wire

Shell Back: Mottled Bustard Thin Skin

A latex sheet material great for backs on nymphs, shell backs on larger patterns such as crayfish, cutting into strips and wrapping for bodies on caddis larva, nymphs, etc. A very versatile material.

Rib: 3x Tippet Material

If you don’t have an old spool in your vest you can purchase a new one to have at the tying desk.

Abdomen: Hare E Ice Dubbing

Perfect mix of Hare’s Ear and Ice Dub. Excellent for nymphs and dries.  Very popular dubbing.

Thorax: Wapsi Ostrich Herl

Very popular for gilled nymphs, tails, bodies, tentacles and salmon fly butts.