Turps Pheasant Tail

Materials from TightLinesFlyFishing.com

Hook: Dai-Riki 135

Scud, pupa, 1x strong, 1x short. Quantity of 50

Bead: Brass Bead Heads

Standard fly tying beads. 24 per pack.

Thread: Uni 8/0 200 yards

Our most popular all around thread for trout flies, salmon & steelhead flies, etc.

Weight: Lead Wire

Comes on a spool from .010 to .035. Great for weighting nymphs and streamers.

Tail & Body: Ringneck Pheasant Center Tail Pairs

These high quality, long barbed tail feathers combine black and an iridescent green that gives many patterns an effective coloration.

Rib: UTC Ultra Wire

Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire. It is available in a tremendous range of colors and sizes. Use Ultra wire for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies, and dubbing brushes.

Wing Case: Sow Scud Back 1/8″

A stretchy latex material ideal for backs on scud patterns and more. 1/8 inch wide. Great for wing cases and wrapping bodies.

Underwing Flash: UTC Holo Tinsel

A bright 3-D holographic tinsel! Use for tinsel body streamers like the black nosed dace and muddler minnow. Brightens up flashback nymphs.

Thorax: Hareline Ice Dub

Great sparkle and dubs beautifully.  Very popular dubbing.