Hot Butt Olive

Materials from

Hook: Dia Riki 060

Nymph, 1x strong, 1x long
Sizes 6-18 in quantities of 50.


Size :

Bead: Tungsten Fly Tying Bead

Tungsten beads will get your fly down to the fish.  Colors available: Gold, Copper, Nickel and Black Nickel. 10 per pack.


Colour :
Size :

Thread: UTC 70 Tying Thread

Lies flat for less build up on the smallest trout patterns. Great for thread bodied nymphs and midges. Ultra 70 has a breaking strength of approximately 1# and is recommended for size 14-32 flies.


Colour :

Tail: Coq de Leon

Tailing material for dry flies and nymphs. Also can be used for wet fly collars


Colour :

Rib: UTC Ultra Wire

Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire. It is available in a tremendous range of colors and sizes. Use Ultra wire for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies, and dubbing brushes. Brassie size is perfect for Brassies in sizes 18-22. Extremely popular for fly designer John Barr’s Copper John. Available in sizes Small, Brassie and Medium.


Colour :
Size :

Thorax: Hare E Ice Dubbing

Perfect mix of Hare’s Ear and Ice Dub. Excellent for nymphs and dries.  Very popular dubbing.


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