Pheasant Tail Wonder Bug

Materials from

Hook: Tiemco 2488

Strait eye, 3x wide, 2x short, curved shank, fine wire, bronze. Quantity of 25.


Size :

Thread: Uni 8/0 200 yards

Our most popular all around thread for trout flies, salmon & steelhead flies, etc.


Color :

Shuck: UTC Antron Yarn

Our most popular all around thread for those looking for a versatile tying thread for larger trout, salmon/steelhead flies and light saltwater or simply for the person looking for a bit more strength.


Color :

Body: Ringneck Pheasant Center Tail Pairs

These high quality, long barbed tail feathers combine black and an iridescent green that gives many patterns an effective coloration.


Color :

Underwing: Trout Hunter Premium CDC .5g Packet 

Excellent quality CDC. Use for wings in dry flies.


Color :

Wing: Comparadun Hair

Good comparadun wings can only be tied properly with super fine hair. This hair is the right texture and length to meet your needs.


Color :